Transform Data Centers for efficiency, resilience and sustainability

Digitalization drives our society, and we rely on 24/7 data availability. On top, data center operators face multiple challenges, from achieving sustainability targets, infrastructure resilience, to long-term performance over the entire life cycle. We address these with expertise, innovation, and a wide portfolio of products, systems, solutions, and services.

Our full portfolio for data centers



Changing times call for smart data centers

Cutting-edge data centers must not only prioritize security and reliability but also strive to be simpler to construct, manage, and expand. They should be characterized by increased flexibility, connectivity, and automation, while placing significant emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability.


We enhance key KPIs and achieve, among other things, 30% improved energy efficiency through White Space Cooling Optimization (WSCO) and highly reliable availability through redundant power supply. Additional services such as financing and building management provide holistic support in every project phase from planning to operation.


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